Hanging Stones will be a six-mile circular walk in the valley of Northdale near Rosedale Abbey. The walk will take between four and six hours, depending upon how long visitors spend in each building and how fast they walk.

Only those who are proficient walkers, or familiar with walking the moors and are able to read a map should embark upon the walk. It is hoped that the services of a guide will be made available to those who require one.

The buildings will only be able to be visited during daylight hours and cannot be stayed in overnight. It is hoped in the future that Job’s Well and Northdale Head House (when completed) may be seen at dawn or dusk, but this will only be by special arrangement.

A permissive path will be established between buildings where there is no public right of way. The permissive sections of the walk will only be able to be accessed by those holding a key.

The buildings can only be accessed with a key, which people will pick up from a designated location after their booking has been confirmed.

It is anticipated that visitor numbers will be limited to five parties per day with a maximum of six per party.

A suggested donation of £5 per visitor will help to offset the running costs of Hanging Stones.

Larger parties will be allowed to make the walk by special arrangement.

It is hoped to make Hanging Stones accessible to all by offering a shorter section of the walk to those who require it.

The North York Moors National Park may request that numbers be further limited during bird nesting season.

People will be given the responsibility of opening and closing the buildings. It is expected that the valley, the buildings and their contents be treated with respect, gates should be closed and dogs kept on a lead.

Details of local accommodation and services can be found at

There will be no facilities along the route.

For further information contact