The walk is only made available to a limited number of visitors each day. Booking is required.

Hanging Stones is an ongoing project by Andy Goldsworthy in the North York Moors, commissioned by the Ross Foundation. It is intended that up to ten existing buildings, all in varying states of disrepair, will be rebuilt as artworks and connected by a six-mile walk encompassing Northdale, near Rosedale Abbey.

Hanging Stones has been conceived by Goldsworthy as a single artwork – the walk between each building is as much a part of the artwork as the buildings themselves. The walk includes completed buildings as well as the sites of works yet to be made. To date, seven buildings have been completed: Southfield House, Hanging Stone House, Redwall, Job’s Well, Hither House, Bogs House and Northdale Head House (Dowson’s House).

Ebenezer is under construction.

Proposals have been made for most of the remaining buildings although those ideas may change or develop as Hanging Stones progresses.

The realisation of the remaining proposals is dependent upon successful planning permissions from the North York Moors National Park.

Hanging Stones is undergoing a period of learning in order to understand how best to manage the project in terms of visitors and maintenance of the path and the buildings.
The number of visitors on the walk at any one time will take into account the time and space needed to experience the buildings properly, as well as minimise any impact on the artworks, the valley and nearby village of Rosedale Abbey. The buildings will only be accessed with a key, which will be available upon booking through the Ross Foundation.