Hither House Proposal

I was shown the small stone hut in Northdale by David Ross who talked of repairing it and possibly incorporating a fireplace during the renovation.

As a result I became quite interested in the idea of a fireplace, which, I imagine, could look similar to one that I saw in a nearby building (possibly a shepherds hut) up on the moors.

My proposal will acknowledge the journey trees make from outside to the inside – where they are become part of a building’s fabric or burnt on the fireplace – the transition they make from being wood to smoke – from being rooted in the ground to becoming air. A tree, or large bough (preferably wind fallen) would be incorporated into the roof. There are some interesting gnarly oak trees growing in the valley.

The tree would support the roof like a beam. The underside of the roof would be made with thick planks to avoid trusses that might interfere with the form of the tree.

The tree and ceiling would be burnt and charred. Black on black.

I would hope to keep the hut suitably gloomy so that people may not even notice the tree when they first enter. It is important to note the whole building is the artwork and as such I would have input on its every aspect of its construction, appearance and furniture.

AG, 2015

Hither House Proposal
High Hamer, Hamer Moor
Hither House Proposal
High Hamer interior, Hamer Moor
Hither House Proposal