Redwall Proposal

There is an astonishing amount of iron ore seeping out of the ground. There is one place in particular where the stream is red.The red is carried out of the ground and deposited in the streambed. I am not entirely sure how this works – whether or not the red is a permanent feature of the steam or if, during high water, the red is washed away. However, it seems to me that there is great potential to direct the stream into a building where the red would collect and accumulate over time to create a partially red wall and floor.

This new building will be cut into the hill so that the stream is level with the back wall of the building. The water would then be directed across the top of the back wall where holes in the stone work would allow the water to continue its journey down the wall, leaving a red trail in the process. The floor of the shelter would be feely draining so that water would drain through and leave more red deposits.

Seats could be built into the sidewalls.

The holes out of which the water would flow could be rectangular – similar in shape to the many holes in nearby walls and gateposts.

AG, 2015

Redwall Proposal
Redwall site
Gatepost and wall drain, Northdale